Gender and Politics Student Blog Posts

Several of the blog posts written by students for their course assessment will be posted up here in the coming week. This page will be updated with links to each post as they go online.

From student Ailish Toash – Why Do We Care What Female Politicians Are Wearing?

From Katie Dempsey – No Men Allowed – The Matriarchal Society of Umoja

From student Lucie Martin – Gender Quotas Are Not Enough

From Natasha Gamboa – ; standing up to femicides and ‘machismo’ in Argentina

From Kerrie Maunsell Do You Not Want Gender Equality Too?

Maebh Butler-Why Gender Equality & Abortion are Two Sides of Same Coin

From Chloé Grier-Damned if we do, damned if we don’t: The Scrutiny of the Female Body in Today’s Media

From Chatlotte Amrouche – Politics and Periods

From Rosa Torr – Germaine Greer’s Essentialist Transphobia

From Aya Seidemann – Campus Carry is not a Feminist Policy


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