Gender and Politics in the News

Here are some more recent articles on gender and politics. Again, it’s worth noting the wide range – as I said in class, politics is wherever there is a power dynamic at play – and where there is gender there is power.

A change in school uniform laws in Puerto Rico –

An article on today’s budget, one of the potential gendered outcomes concerns funding for domestic abuse shelters, rape crisis centres etc –

Following our discussions of gender quotas, a study from the London School of Economics and Political Science argues for wide ranging gender quotas. Interesting to note their focus on the problem as one of male over-representation, reflecting what we talked about in relation to problem framing!

A very interesting article on feminism in Japan –

An article about Nobel prize winner Wangari Maathi from Kenya, interesting on the idea of a “good woman” –

Next week we are talking about informal politics, so protest will be a key theme. Here’s a list of ten direct actions by women that changed the world –


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