Some more stories about gender and politics

As we enter week five, it’s really important that you are thinking about the blog post. It’s due in week ten – you need to select an issue you care about, find interesting or are simply annoyed by! Below find another selection of recent stories in the news about gender and politics, which might get you thinking.
(the previous collection of news stories is available here – Gender and Politics News Stories)

This article discusses the role of feminist organising in improving working conditions for hotel workers in London

Why feminism isn’t over – this article argues against the idea that gender equality has been won –

Any fans of the TV show “How to Get Away With Murder” will enjoy this article on the lead actress (and Emmy winner) Viola Davis -

Was the critical response to Ryan Adams’ cover of Taylor Swift’s album a case of sexism –

The cultural politics of hair –

Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet appointments came in for a lot of criticism from feminist writers and campaigners –

The Black Panthers’ Revolutionary Feminism –

And as we are talking about gender quotas this week, perhaps this list of 7 instances of sexism in Irish politics might serve as a good background reading!

If you spot any interesting stories that you think the class might enjoy, send them on to me for the next set of these.



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