Gender and Politics in the News

As it’s the Sunday after our first week of lectures, I’ve put together some links to articles discussing issues related to gender and politics. The range of these articles, just from the last week or so, shows how many ways the issue of gender is politicised, and politics is itself gendered. It can very useful to keep an eye on the major debates in the news over the course of the semester, you might spot something you want to write about!

The first link is to an article about women in Irish politics, discussing the double standards, the new quota rules and the history of female under-represenation/male over-representation –

The second article is an extract from Juliet Jacques memoir, Trans. There’s also a nice Q&A with her at the end of the article that is worth reading as well.

Thirdly, an article from U.S. politics, on the different standards around emotions, vulnerability, like-ability and gender in the presidential campaign.

Back to Ireland, and Irish Times columnist discusses why she has decided to tell the story of her abortion in her new book.

The fifth link is to an article by Melissa Gira Grant, who wrote a book “Playing the Whore” that is an excellent read on sex worker lives, rights, struggles. Here she discusses how sex workers’ rights made the mainstream

Finally, an interview with Angela Y. Davis on radical feminism and multiple feminisms – will be relevant to our discussion on feminist interventions into political science this week!

Also, some of you might be interested in a book review I wrote, on a book discussing the history of modern sexuality in Ireland

If you’ve read anything else interesting this week that you think would be of interest to the class, let me know!



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